Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's making me happy today.

Crochet...of course. When the going gets tough, pick up a crochet needle, try to hide from the world and hook to your hearts content.  I would have been a LOT happier if I'd got more than two squares done (and only the cream section of them), but hey, 2 is better than doing none at all.

Even the dandelions in my backyard are making me happy right now.  What's not to love about these little spots of bright cheeriness sprinkled about your yard.  When your son picks a few to give to you presented with the most beautiful smile and a declaration of "I love you Mummy"... you can forgive almost anything. 

ALMOST I say because he has been a complete and utter TERROR over the last 4 or 5 days.  (It's amazing how these bright weeds can almost render pushing your mother to the complete brink).  Perhaps it's a male DNA thing.  They know how to drive you completely insane and yet the smallest, tiniest, almost insignificant thing can wipe all previous ills. 

Maybe it's just me and I'm weak....

A tasty plate of leftovers as a picnic in the lounge while watching a movie can lift everyone's spirits.

A visit from Grandad whom we haven't seen in awhile is definately cause for celebration and frivolity.  Oh how we love him!

(This is my father-in-law and not my dad.  We do LOVE Poppy with an absolute passion too but he lives only a couple of minutes away and not 7 hours like Grandad does right now - Grandad moves around cause of work quite a bit.)

...and Daddy is finally home.  Everyone is happy at this event, none more so than Mummy this week.  It's leftover soup and homemade bread for dinner.

I'm hoping for some really loving family time over the next few days before lovely hubby has to go back to work and I've got to deal with the whole back to school routine again.

Hope you're all having a great week.

xx Susan

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