Monday, July 9, 2012

I love my boy, I really do

He's sweet, cheeky, funny.

He's still at that age where he gives his mum cuddles and kisses before telling her that he loves her.

He's in his element when digging in the dirt. 

...and for the last 24 hour he's been driving his mother past the point of insanity!

He's outside digging again which gives me a breather for awhile.  Time to make a coffee, sit and have a bloody good cry.

xx Susan


Laura@OurWeeFarm said...

Aw big hugs! Must be the time of the year xxxx

bones said...

Hugs Susie xx

daydream in colour said...

Thanks Laura and Kylie.
The afternoon has been SLIGHTLY better. Aunty Sandy has been to visit and I'm using a possible outing with her as a bribe. It's making life a little easier right now.
xx Susan