Sunday, June 7, 2015

Enjoying our fire

Now as you would have seen in a previous post, our fire isn't flash but it certainly gets the job done.

Lately we've been enjoying some lovely late afternoon fires just as it's starting to cool down outside.

The neighbour is enjoying them too as he's often chatting over the back fence and the kidlettes have been clearing out all the branches and wood from a tree that had been brought down in his yard.

Most of the branches get thrown over the back fence but Master M also likes to load up his dump truck.

We've had a couple of outings to different parts of the forestry collecting some pinecones too.

There's a LOT of forestry sections around the whole Glasshouse Mountains area so we don't have to go far to collect what we want.

Collecting pinecones in a fun little exercise that gets us out of the house for awhile.

Then there's the enjoyment of it all coming together.  I get the added bonus of not only sitting around the fire enjoying a wine late in the afternoon but I'm decluttering my filing cabinet and burning all of our old paperwork too so I get to watch that all go up in flames.

The fire's not the only thing I've been enjoying late in the afternoon.  We've been having some really lovely sunsets lately, all viewed from my kitchen window as I'm preparing dinner.

Quite lovely.

xx Susan

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