Tuesday, June 9, 2015


On Saturday the kidlettes and I visited our friend Jodi.  She was housesitting at her Mum's house (where I spent a lot of time during my teenage years and my 20's) for the weekend so we headed up to Buderim.

The kids were enchanted.

They really loved the pool with its bridge at the deep end and lots of paths and rocks surrounding it.

It's freezing in summer so there was no way they were going for a swim today.  It didn't stop the dogs going in chasing balls though so that was a bit of fun.

Morning tea was enjoyed up on the verandah overlooking the pool.

Then that same verandah became part of the scooter track a bit later.

The gardens down the hillside were explored and we lost Little Miss R for quite awhile when she was searching for fairies in the garden behind the wooden benches.  (She did find some :) )

Basketball was played in the driveway.

Then a little relaxing time on this awesome chair swing before going home.  (Not the best photo of Master M but it was the best I got of chair swing.)

We had a lovely time and the kidlettes informed Jodi that they were coming back to visit her there.  Luckily she's housesitting for her Mum during the next school holidays so their wish may be granted.

xx Susan

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