Friday, June 12, 2015

Renovations....during - Part 1

It's gone! 

In a very short amount of time the kitchen was completely ripped out.

Master M was quite fascinated with the process and after watching for a short while ended up getting in and helping.

He made countless trips out to the trailer with lots of sections that got ripped out and then started sweeping up the floor from where there was a bit of mess.

He wasn't asked to do anything, he just got stuck in and helped.

It's all gone now.  No benches, cupboards, shelves, sink or oven.

I am actually amazed at how huge the room seems now.  It's always seemed small, cluttered and cozy but now there's just so much space.  

Once the kitchen was out we had to pack up most of the things in the lounge room and lovely hubby and his cousin carted most of the heavy stuff out to the shed.  (Hubby's cousin's going away for a couple of months so we needed to get everything out while he had a bit of help.)

Then the boys got stuck in and ripped up the rest of the carpet in the lounge room and the old lino in the kitchen.  Ripping it all up wasn't too bad, but getting the staples out of the floor boards was a pretty huge job.

 Then there was a few repairs that needed to be made to the floor which went into the evening as it ended up being a pretty big job.

It wouldn't have been so bad if we had light but the power had been off for most of the day in our whole street then went off unexpectedly again for a couple of hours in the evening, right when the boys needed it.

They did as much as they could by torch light with Master M helping out.

As there was no power, we decided to get Pizza for dinner and ate by candlelight which was quite lovely actually.

Then it was back to work for the boys for a bit longer once we had power again.

We had to finish it off that night as the floor sanding fellas were arriving at 8am the next day!

I'll show you those pictures next time.

xx Susan

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