Friday, June 12, 2015

Renovation update...before

I've just realised that the last time I wrote about our renovations was when we ripped up the carpet in the kitchen and then a few days later I got my big toenail fully ripped off.

Well things have progressed a little bit.

This is my old kitchen.  (About 30 or so years old..)

Small benches, open shelves which show all the clutter, and then the cupboards which are gradually falling to pieces and leave bits on the floor every day to sweep up.

I've complained about this kitchen A LOT during the past 10 years of living here but I'm now discovering when it's about to be gone that it has truly been an old friend.

It's the first kitchen I've had in a house I've owned.  It's the only kitchen my children have known so it's what they're early memories of food and cooking are about.  Even Master M told me tonight that he will miss this kitchen.

I fully understand as there are a lot of special memories in and around this kitchen.

(An extremely rare sight: a completely empty kitchen)

I'll update you with the progress over the next week or so as everything gets done.  (That's the plan anyway).

xx Susan

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