Sunday, December 23, 2012

My September

Yes you did read that heading right. It DOES say September!
Earlier in the year I started a mosaic post with snippets of what I had been up to during each month.  As this blog is a bit like an online journal so I have a record of our life, I wanted to continue doing this monthly mosaic even if it is a bit late.
So what did we get up to in September?
There were picnics to Stoney Creek with plenty of exploring and rock throwing.
There was also visits to Grandma and the beach with fish and chips to top the fun off.
Home front:
There new life in the form of my brother's dog having 11 puppies.  Little did I know at the time that we would end up with one of them!
There was also cubby time with Little Miss R's princess tent being set up out the back for some fun play.

September also means school holidays and that meant going camping.
There was plenty of fishing, kayaking, swimming, wrestling, playing, relaxing, entertaining and for my part - campfire gazing.

September ended up being quite a busy month but it was truly wonderful and I've loved spending time going through and sorting the photos.
October and November will follow when I get the chance.
xx Susan

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