Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Treasure Hunt

Christmas for us was filled with the usual early wake up call from excited kids yelling that 'Santa's been!'
It's then time to unwrap presents, exclaim and get excited then play with new presents while Mummy whips up pancakes for breakfast.
After breakfast it's time for Mummy to pack up all we need to go to my sister's place for the day which is where we seem to spend nearly every Christmas Day. 
Unfortunately hubby was quite sick this Christmas so ended up staying home by himself so he wouldn't contaminate everyone else and spread his version of Christmas cheer to all assembled.
As he wasn't coming and we were hot and in need of a swim, the kidlettes and I headed out to my sister's about 9.30am and had our first dip of the day.  It was bliss!
More family arrived, more swims were had throughout the day, lots of food was consumed and an after lunch movie was watched on the big screen.
By far the most exciting thing of the day though was the Treasure Hunt my sister had organised for her nieces and nephews.  So very much something that she would think of and organise and something that everyone, especially the kidlettes enjoyed.
There was the gift giving and the very first clue.

The older kidlettes and adults helped read the clues out so off they went to find the next blue envelope with their name on it. 
Clues were hidden inside the Christmas tree...

...on the mirrors in the bathroom.... the front yard....

 Puzzles were part of the clues... find out where the next clue might be hidden.
Sometimes other puzzles had to be worked out..

Sometimes songs had to be sung.
Eventually the final clue came....
...and four very happy kids emerged with a box of Christmassy, crafty goodness.

Pencils, pens, paints, brushes, colouring in pages...

... and craft books were all in the special packs designed especially for the each of the kidlettes.
 The kids (ok.. the adults too), really enjoyed the whole treasure hunt and the prize at the end was something that every child would love so much.
After that it was more food, more swimming...
...and some movie watching on the BIG screen.  A lovely, casual Christmas which is what we're all about.
Then very, very late in the afternoon it was time to come home to daddy who had spend his day being sick (you really don't need to know the details).
It was a lovely, fun, casual, family day which is another Christmas to be treasured.
Thank you to Aunty Sandy for the awesome Treasure Hunt you organised.  It's certainly a talking point and something to create a special memory in the minds and heart of all the kidlettes.
xx Susan

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