Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank goodness my dryer's fixed

A couple of days ago my dryer decided to make a bit of a clunking sound then burn the towels that were only trying to become nice, fluffy and dry for us.   It's amazing how one small piece of rubber belt has the potential to burn your house down but we're lucky that we have a safety mechanism on the dryer so I only had smoking, smelly towels to deal with.

It's now fixed and with all of this rain still around I'm very happy about that as it means I can actually get some things dry.

Then while I was grocery shopping today I saw some of the most absolutely beautiful looking salmon steaks on sale.  I LOVE fresh salmon but very rarely buy it because it's so expensive if you're wanting to feed a family.  In fact, I used to wait until lovely hubby was away on one of his work shifts and buy one piece for myself occasionally as a special treat.

At half price, I could get two huge pieces today.

It was so absolutely delicious, with just a little salt, pepper and lemon juice for a bit of extra flavour.  Not that it needs it as I think fresh salmon really has no need for extra flavour.

I knew Master M wouldn't like it and I wasn't even sure about hubby so I cooked up a couple of frozen crumbed fish fillets and some home made potato and sweet potato (kumara) chips.

Little Miss R ate all her salad, all her piece of salmon (which she shared with her father) and all of her sweet potato chips.  I'm not surprised as good stuff like that this kid will eat.

Master M ate his chips, some of his crumbed fish and declared that the salmon was 'yukky'.  That's not surprising either.

I'm now having a big craving for more fresh salmon although hubby declared that he really liked it.  Considering the price, I may have to just go back to buying it for myself when he's away.

Then again, I have a girl that will fight me to the last tiny mouthful of it and will then tell her father if we've had it and I wouldn't share.  Did I really encourage this girl to speak when a baby?  BAD DECISION!

xx Susan

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