Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday arvo

After weeks of grey skies and rain, the sun broke out on Sunday afternoon, the last day of the school holidays for us.

We were able to play outside without getting wet or without getting clothes so muddy that Mum has to soak them in a bucket for days.  (However I realise ANOTHER thing my darling son has wrecked lately is my bucket.  It has a crack in the bottom and slowly leaked water all over my laundry  That is better than completely flooding the bathroom like he did yesterday I suppose.)

The weeds and clover on the ground did cheer me up.  There's nothing like some sun shining on your weeds to make you realise that even they can look nice.

My girl decided she was the heroine from 'Brave' although I didn't mention that it was a bow and arrow and not a sword that was used.  I have no wish for a make shift bow and arrow to be made and then have broken windows from stray missiles.

We did have another visitor which fascinated the kidlettes.  Lucky I don't have a vege garden or it would be having a lovely feast.  It flew off just after I took this shot, probably looking for a neighbour with a nice vege garden since we have such slim pickings and noisy children.

Then late in the afternoon my son presented me with this lovely, bright crucifix orchard.  He gave it to me with a big hug and an 'I love you mummy'. 

It was another beautiful moment except for the fact that mummy had to then explain why he can't pick flowers from neighbours yards. 

I think I got through to him (especially as elderly gentleman neighbour got a bit cranky).

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

xx Susan

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