Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home time

The rain is back.

Which means my weeds are getting a good water and growing to the size of Triffids.

There's been lots of very important things to do.

Like counting the money in our money box to see if we have enough to go on holiday to Disneyland yet.
(This is a planned trip with Aunts, Uncles and cousins in 2017!)

Little Miss R had a special outing with Aunty Sandy to go see Ice Age 4 at the movies.  That was one excited little girl, especially as they were going out to lunch afterwards so she was feeling very grown up.

On such a cool and rainy day I just had to make some more of the yummy no knead bread.  The kids voted for soup and homemade bread for dinner and they were getting no argument from me.

Of course while Little Miss R was gone for most of the day, I got to spend time with my darling son........we are now friends again.

Lets hope he continues being delightful so that he gets his chance of going to the movies as well.

xx Susan

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