Monday, 11 February 2019

A finished scarf

I can finally say that I've finished a crochet project in 2019!

I probably could have finished this one much sooner as it did work up quickly but I was also working on my secret project at the time and of course family commitments always get in the way too.

I LOVE this scarf and made it using Rosabella Threads Prima yarn in Rose.  It was gorgeous to work with and the end product is so soft.

As I was making this one for me, I wanted it to be a lacy scarf rather than a denser, bulkier scarf.  I rarely wear bulky scarves because it just doesn't get cold enough in winter where we live.

I used 3 skeins (25grams each) of the yarn and worked up the Marielle stitch using a 6mm hook.  It's really pretty and if you want instructions on how to work up the stitch just do an internet search on Marielle stitch or Marielle lace stitch.

The beginning chain is made up of multiples of 4 until you reach the width you want.  I'm pretty sure I chained 28 to make this scarf which, when blocked, made the dimensions of my scarf 22cm wide and 175 cm long.

...and just to prove that I do wear some of the things I make....

Have a wonderful week my friends.

xx Susan


Angela Pitout said...

your scarf is absolutely beautiful!

Jane said...

Beautiful! That colour is absolutely gorgeous and it suits your blue eyes and blonde hair perfectly. I looked up the stitch and I might give it a try. My crochet skills are still limited, but it's trebles and double trebles ( UK ) I feel so inspired by your scarf to get learning new stitches. Best, Jane x

Country Rabbit said...

It looks really beautiful Susan and so do you you! ;)x

Teresa Kasner said...

Bravo on completing that gorgeous scarf.. you look wonderful wearing it, too!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)