Friday, 9 November 2018

Shoulder bag

I am seriously in LOVE with this bag.

I like to have a project to work on during the school holidays.  I'll trawl the net for inspiration and ideas and then make sure I have the supplies I need for when the holidays start.

This particular project became difficult to put off as from the moment I saw the photo of it on Ravelry, I knew I just had to make it.  I may make another one in different colours but I was drawn to the classic look of the silver and white in the photo so I decided to stick to those colours.

It's called the Malia Shoulder Bag and was designed by Rebecca Langford  at the Yarn + Chai blog so if you want to make one for yourself, head over there and find the details.  She also has some really good video tutorials to help when making this bag if you get stuck on anything.

I used the exact same yarn that she uses as well (Lionbrand 24/7 cotton in white and silver).  Since I loved the bag in her photo so much I wanted to make it as similar as possible and I have to say it was really great to work with. It's also a mercerised cotton so it's given the bag a lovely sheen.

You would have seen glimpses of me making this during our trip to Yamba.  Most of it was worked poolside while the kids were happily splashing and I was able to indulge in plenty of happy hooky time as well as a sip or two of a Margarita!  I don't think I missed any stitches :)

I love the texture of this bag and have already had quite a few very nice comments from people when I've used it.  Mainly when I go grocery shopping because that seems to be about the only place I go half the time .

It's big and roomy and fits plenty in it and it's even perfect for holding my latest portable project when I'm out and about.

I'm so glad that I decided to add the little decal piece as it really does finish the bag off.

I've also decided to add a lining to it as well which I think will finish it off even more.  When I'm carrying a few heavy items it does stretch a bit in the base so a lining will help fix that problem and prolong the life of the bag.

  I'm still working on sewing the Christmas presents for the kids school teachers so I'll make the lining for it while I'm working with all the fabric.

I hope you're all having a fantastic week.

xx Susan

(P.S. I just want to say that I'm not affiliated with Lionbrand yarns or the Yarn + Chai blog.  I like to know the details of projects when I see them online so I try and give that information out as well when I make something. Rebecca is also the designer of this bag so she deserves the credit for it.  Thanks!)


Country Rabbit said...

how lovely to be able to be so clever with yarn and beable to make up a bag like that, im so basic!...Its beautiful!!!! x

Teresa Kasner said...

That turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I love bags so much, I have way too many.. but that would be such a neat project! You did such a meticulous job of crochet, too. Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jane said...

That is soooo lovely! I hope my crochet skills improve to your level some day :) And I love the little brass decal! It's a shame I'm not a bag carrier. I have one old handbag, and that's somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe. I carry my money wallet and keys in my pockets if I'm shopping alone, and if we go out together, which is mostly, John carries both. We have a few large shopping bags which are kept in the car boot and under the stairs. Best, Jane x

Meg Hopeful said...

Such a lovely bag! I love the colour combination and it's little message too. Meg Xx

sewing green lady said...

That is such a gorgeous bag, a lovely design and really roomy. Well done.