Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Agnes Water and 1770... a night away

Last Friday we headed up to Agnes Water and 1770 for the night.  It's a bit of a drive for just one night but lovely hubby needed to pick something up from a mate and it was the only time we had.

The kids were happy to get out of school for the day so that was a bonus. 
 It was a bit of a drive up, mainly because we ended up making a few extra stops and detours.  One was to hubby's mate from work who lives on a farm out of Gin Gin.  The kids loved that as they got to feed the cows and stretch their legs.

 We made it in time for the kids to have a swim at the resort pool then we headed up to 1770 to watch the sun set over the water which is quite a novelty here in Queensland.

 The kidlettes explored the rock pools while the sun slowly made it's way down (they weren't interested in the sunset at all).

 There it goes....

 The next morning after breakfast we went for a walk along the beach.

 It was an absolutely gorgeous day so the kids enjoyed chasing the waves and a little bit of sea foam.


After out walk it was back to the resort for a swim before we had to check out.  I wish I had taken my togs too because that pool looked so inviting and refreshing.

 I made do with sitting in the shade (once I worked out how to open the umbrella) and read some of my book for awhile.

 We then had a brief look around the area, heading back up to 1770 to do a few walks around the headland.



 It was really beautiful up there.

 All too soon it was time to head home.  Next time we'll make sure we stay a bit longer so that we can get out and about and see a bit more of the place.
I hope you're all having a great week.
xx Susan

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