Thursday, December 14, 2017

December...... so far

Somehow December seems to be sneaking past quite quickly. 
It started in a flurry of activity as the final days of the school year came and went.
Then we had lovely hubby's birthday which he was actually home to celebrate this year.  (Bought cakes though as I had been in a frenzy cooking a million mini Christmas cupcakes for class parties at school.  I just didn't have the time or energy to make a birthday cake as well.  Bad me...I know :) )
We have had a graduation.
Little Miss R has now finished primary school and is off to high school next year.
How on earth did that happen so fast!

I even got the chance to get a rare photo of my family.

The school holidays have been very homey so far as we haven't really had any outings. 
There have been sleepovers though with Cousin R coming to stay for a couple of nights. 
THAT has made it an extremely noisy house as three children chatting and getting excited constantly can make you want to walk around with ear plugs in most of the time.
I love the movie time snap of them all bundled up together and focused on the goings on in movie land.  So sweet.

There has been Christmas tree decorating. 
It all starts off with them carefully placing decorations and then when they start getting bored (which happens quite quickly), everything gets thrown on.  As a result it looks a bit like some creature has barfed up tinsel onto the tree!
We love it though and it's making the house nice and festive.

We've also put up the battery operated lights again which I bought last year. 
I really love this garland across the top of the tv cabinet.  There's something so magical about fairy lights and I find it quite extraordinary that a few little lights can bring so much happiness and content.

They also have a great practical side as we had a pretty huge storm whip through here on Saturday.  There was A LOT of damage not far from our home with a whole strip of trees uprooted, roads blocked, property damaged and power lines down over the roads and along the train lines. 
It was a mess and the clean up has been huge but we dodged the worst of it which was good.
We lost power for nearly 12 hours (others around town lost it for 24 or more hours) and luckily we had just finished dinner when it went out.  That's when the fairy lights came in handy as the kidlettes and I sat in the lounge room listening to the window rattling thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. 
There was also a game of Harry Potter trivial pursuit in which I got my butt whipped by Little Miss R.  I have come to realise that even though I've read the books years ago, I don't know a lot about the movies.

Another birthday has been celebrated.  This time it was my Mum's birthday and we all went out for lunch.  (no photos of this though).
Patch has been a bit sad lately too.
We don't seem to walk as often during the school holidays.  I know I should take the kidlettes with me, and I do sometimes when I think they need to get out more, but the walks are usually for me.  They're often my de-stress time and sometimes the only chance for quiet time I get.
Hubby's been home the last couple of days so we've had a happy Mum and a very happy dog.  I swear that he's had a smile on his face the whole time he's running and sniffing and piddling.  That dog squirts on everything.

We're nearly halfway through December and hubby goes back to work today.  He won't be back until just before Christmas so I'm going to have to work out what I need to do before Christmas and try and get organised and get things done soon.  That way I won't be in a panic and do things at the last minute when hubby gets home.
I may have to call on family to help out with the kidlettes and make a mad dash up the coast or somewhere.  We'll see.
I hope your December is going well and isn't too stressful.
xx Susan

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