Monday, November 13, 2017

Crafty bits

It's been really busy around here over the months and I've let a few things slide.
Housework is one but I only get worried about that if I have a visitor all of a sudden, and blogging has been the other. 
 I don't know if this post will be the start of many but I hope so.  I hope I remember to take photographs and make the time to blog because I do enjoy recording a little of our lives.
As I said, I've been busy.  So much seems to have been happening and there's been a lot of stress involved so I've found myself trying to alleviate some of the stress by decluttering and sewing.
I've decluttered A LOT!  It's felt so good to have a good clean out and to get rid of so much that we really didn't need.
My fabric stash needed a good declutter too and even though I did pass a lot of it on, I also decided to get rid of a lot of it by turning it into bags.

Christmas is coming up and I usually give the kids female teachers a shopping bag or two for their gift.  This year I'm giving out a few extras to other staff at the school for the extra support and help that we have needed throughout the year.

Some of the fabric made 2 or sometimes even 4 bags when I had only planned to make one.  Some have different linings depending on how much fabric I had but my stash is slowly dwindling. 
 I didn't want to leave bits and pieces of fabric still sitting on the shelves which is why I've ended up making so many bags.

I am now getting quite a stash of shopping bags though but that's okay.  They make nice gifts or hubby suggested I sell them as I think I already have about 15 made and another 8 cut out and ready to sew up.

I love the fact that they're all so different.

Some days I don't get the chance to sew anything.  Other days I may only get the handles sewn.  Then on other days I complete two or three bags.  It all depends what's going on at the time and I'm making sure I enjoy the process as this is my current de-stresser!

Little Miss R has been asking me again to make her a new blanket like her brothers but all in blue (her favourite colour).
I've still got some yarn left over from when I finished Master M's blanket but I will have to order more of other colours.  I may have to do that very soon and then I can work on her blanket over the school holidays and the Christmas break.
I'll let you know how that's progressing too.
xx Susan

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