Saturday, February 15, 2014

Can we get a motorbike now?

Sometime over the last weekend the kidlettes came running inside both talking at once with excitement and asking if they could have a ride on a motorbike.  

Our neighbours own a motorbike repair business and also are quite involved in motorcross racing so their 16 year old wanted to give our kids are ride.

They absolutely LOVED IT!

Brody kitted them out and gave them both a ride on the quad bike.  Just around the yard and not going too fast otherwise he knew he'd give me a heart attack.

Then it was time for the two wheel bike.  Both kids did really, really well and I'm very happy to say followed Brody's instructions too.  They knew they had to I suppose or they wouldn't be allowed on them again.

I now have visions of my boy tearing off around a motorcross circuit or down the forestry as he grows older now.

My girl wasn't to be left out though.  She did a fantastic job and of course dressed for the part in her party dress and gumboots! (wellies).  (She pretty well wears gumboots with EVERYTHING!)

They both had such fun and are now asking when they can get their own motorbike.  I was very non-commital on that part so they knew what to do.....ask their father!  He is now on the lookout for a bike for them.


xx Susan

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