Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A big, IMPORTANT day out

I went somewhere today that I haven't been in YEARS. Brisbane City Centre (our state capital city).

It wasn't for a pleasant reason that we had to go but I still enjoyed it all the same for some odd reason.

I really can't say that I enjoyed the constant and frenetic buzz and movement of the city but for a day it was a novelty.

So much has changed since the last time I drove into Brisbane.  There's so many more tunnels under the city now which makes getting around in peak hour especially so much easier.  Thank goodness I wasn't driving as that task was left to my brother in law Jeff who works in the city and didn't find it as daunting as I would have.

Our destination was the Federal Law Courts and my sister Sandra, brother in law Jeff and I were there in support of our brother Gary who has been going through a pretty horrendous marriage separation the past 6 months.

It was a really long morning and I won't go into much of it because there is still a bit of a way to go until things are resolved.  I'll just say that my brother has the boys and is the primary carer....uncontested.  

It's been a bloody long 6 months or more though and it's not finished.  I will add for the record just how much my family has pulled together in this really difficult time.  Our focus has definately been the well being of my brother's boys as well as my brother himself.  He has had the boys since day 1 and is doing an incredible job of being a single father considering everything else that's been going on.

I'm also so proud of my family for pulling together like we have.  It's really brought home to me just how close we are as a family and how much closer we have become.  We haven't thought it strange to help out as much as we have although the comments we are getting from outsiders, including lawyers, is the incredible family support my brother has.  

It's just normal for us.  As my Mum said, "It's family.  It's what you do."

To my husband Shane and brother-in-law Jeff, you have both been so incredibly amazing it's not funny.  You have married into our family and have supported us all every step of the way with no complaints or objections.  It's been a normal process for you both too and for that we are truly blessed to have such loving and unflinching support.

The drive back out through the city was wonderful too (mainly because I didn't have to deal with the traffic).

I love seeing the wonderful heritage buildings that are dotted throughout our city although I didn't get the phone out until the last minute to take some photos and even then I was hoping I'd get at least a couple that weren't blurry.   They're crap but you'll have to make do.

xx Susan

Edited to add:  My friend Heilala had a baby girl Serena at 2.45pm this afternoon.  Congratulations to you Mario and Maximo on the addition of a beautiful little girl to your family.  I know she is much loved already.

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bones said...

So happy to hear Gary has his boys. Big hugs to you all.