Sunday, February 16, 2014

A gift

On February 4th my friend Heilala gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I set to work a couple of weeks ago to make a gift in anticipation of her arrival.

I didn't want to make a cot blanket or baby clothes, I wanted to make something a little different but useful.

It may look like a cot blanket but it's not quilted and there's no wadding inside.  It's actually a picnic blanket.

Well that's what I refer to it as.  I made my sister one a few years ago and she uses hers for all sorts of things.

I thought it was perfect for bub to lay on, especially as she grows older.  It can be taken anywhere and is easy to clean as you just throw it in the washing machine.

Here's the back..

...and here's the front of it again.  I wanted to use this one with part of the junk pile cut out (right hand side of 1st photo).  It wasn't until I uploaded it that I realised a little someone was sneaking around behind.  Luckily she didn't jump up to swing off it like she did to my sheets!

And this is for whom the gift is for.  

We visited this morning and the kidlettes had a fantastic time playing with Young Man M who is 10 already!

They were also fascinated by the baby, especially Master M!

She was sleeping and he didn't get to have a cuddle which he's a bit upset about.

So beautiful.

xx Susan

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bones said...

Look at all that hair - she's adorable! Great job on the picnic blanket