Monday, November 19, 2012

Summer's on the way

Well it has been for a little while now as the heat and humidity have both been cranking up.
The one thing I love about summer is the storms.  Oh how I love them!  I get so excited with watching the clouds build up and then there's that wonderful earthy smell that gets so strong just before the storm seems to hit.

We had one band of storms come through about 8pm on Saturday evening and then the rain continued throughout the night.  I was woken by the sound of more thunder around 5am which was just lovely.
It continued to rain throughout Sunday morning and I was hoping it was going to set in for the day.  It wasn't to be and the sun came out for a little while guessed it.......another storm in the afternoon!

Such a lovely stormy weekend.

Rain also meant indoor activities so we made cubby houses with blankets, watched movies and did some cooking.

Hubby will be home later today so we're all excited about that, I just need to get the house in a bit of order as it's still very much looking like we've spent most of the weekend inside.  Such mess!  But fun mess it was.
Have a great week.
xx Susan

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