Saturday, November 17, 2012

Afternoon fun

What do you do when it's really, really hot (about 35 celcius and very sticky and muggy) and school's finished for the day?

Make a big splash of course!
The last few days have been very hot here so on Friday afternoon my Uncle picked up Master M just before 3pm and took him to my sister's house to cool off in her pool.

I picked Little Miss R off from school and we headed straight for the pool too.  It looked lovely and inviting so it looks like I'll have to buy a pair of togs for myself this year.  I've put on so much weight that my old ones don't fit me so I either have to embark on an intensive weight loss programme to fit into my old ones or just  buy a new pair. 

At the moment I think buying a new pair is probably a little less stressful.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  (Hubby's gone for the full weekend here so it's just the kidlettes and myself.  Will I survive?)
xx Susan


Enchanted Moments said...

Course you will.....and as for bathers, I bought some last week, you dont want to know what size...I look absolutely terrible in kids love the beach and the I just put my embarrassed hat away, and swim...because being with them is more important to me than what anyone is thinking about how I look...have a great weekend....x

daydream in colour said...

That is so true and I only ever swim at my sister's place so my family don't care what I look like! :) xx hugs Susan