Friday, November 23, 2012

Crochet and cricket

The second cricket test is on right now (Australia vs South Africa).
As anyone who knows me knows just how much I LOVE my cricket then you will forgive me for not blogging much over the next few days.
There will however be a lot more of this done.......
Although there probably won't be as much of either watched or done as I would like as it seems Master M does need a bit more supervision.
During the first days play yesterday he was left on his own for a bit too long and proceeded to colour in the screen of our brand new tv in the lounge (2  weeks old) with a pair of scissors.
So our new tv is very scratched and I have one very sad little boy now.
xx Susan


Enchanted Moments said...

mmm, I guess he wanted some attention hey..? Shame about the new tv...

bones said...

Oh no, you know when they're silent they're up to no good. You'll just have to get him interested in cricket.