Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sports day

It was the school sports day for the Prep to Year 3's at Little Miss R's school last Friday.
I was really surprised I even got my girl there as she was in such a state about going.  She really didn't want to do the running or join in on any of the fun and was nearly beside herself.
I was completely surprised then that we stayed for the whole day and even though she didn't join in quite a few of the games, she did do some and enjoyed herself. 
I'm so excited to say that even though she desperately didn't want to do any running, she got 2nd in her race and was so excited about it (so was Mum!)
The kids also do long jump.

Then there's the tug of war and the parents have to have a go at this too of course.

After an early lunch break it was time for the fun games.  There was an obstacle course which is the only thing my girl wanted to do all day but because of a few stuff ups with groups going to the wrong events, she missed out on that one.  (I won't tell you how devastated she was about that!)
She did join in the treasure hunt in the sandpit.

As well as the relay on the bouncy balls.  They did a normal relay with batons as well but this one was more fun.

The tunnels were a lot of fun, probably more so for the parents helping and watching as it was hilarious seeing these little lumps trying to crawl through the material tunnels.
There were other throwing games, running games and building games for the kids to take part in as well.
All in all it was a pretty fun day for them, although it was quite tiring for everyone.  It was all finished by about 1pm so I let my girl have an early day so we came home to have a bit of relaxing time.
What do your school's do for the littlies on sports day!
xx Susan

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