Monday, September 17, 2012

Late Sunday arvo at the beach

Just after lunch on Sunday, hubby made the suggestion that we go down to Caloundra to visit Grandma and have fish and chips at the beach for dinner.  There was no argument from anyone in the house.
We headed to Grandma's first then walked to the beach from her place as it only takes about 10 minutes.  It was a beautiful Spring day with lots of families out and about enjoying the weather.

Our kidlettes had plenty of fun digging.
I tried a bit of beach art.

Then sat on the rocks under the boardwalk to watch the world go by.

It didn't take Master M long to head to the water to fill the bucket up.  Lucky he didn't have his crocodile with him otherwise he'd be wrestling with that in the water!

My kids also found the joys of digging into the sand and getting 'stuck' while the water laps their ankles. 

After a good play we headed a bit further along the beach and found a picnic table on the boardwalk area.  The kidlettes could still play in the sand in front of us while hubby went off to buy dinner.

Fish and chips at the beach on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

It's been such a lovely weekend doing homey, family things.  I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend too.
xx Susan