Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New life

Excuse the quality of the pictures but my phone was the closest thing to me and I needed to snap these pictures quickly.
One of my brother's dog's has just had 11 puppies.  When I say just I mean that these littlies are only one day old.
Little Miss R was so gentle with them which is sort of amazing considering her usual hyperactivity.
She now wants one or two of the pups to be ours.

Not a good idea considering we have a small yard and they're wolfhound pups.  Not to mention that with Daddy away most of the time it would mean Mummy would be looking after them.
I struggle enough on my own with my kids let alone dogs as well so no matter how much crying, whinging and desperate pleading there is for a puppy, in this case Mummy's heart is frozen.....or else it flees to the sanctuary of it's bedroom for a few minutes respite to be able to cope with the onslaught again.
They are cute though.
xx Susan

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bones said...

11 puppies, oh the poor Mummy dog :)