Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thomas won.....GO MUM!

You may remember that Master M wanted a Bob the Builder bag and Mummy was trying to get him to have a Thomas the Tank Engine bag (mainly because I had the fabric).

I LOVE the way we mother's can manipulate  ahem... encourage our children to change their minds.

Master M was showing off his Thomas fabric to his 4 year old cousin Nephew R the other day.  I casually mentioned that it would look fabulous in a bag for him and Master M so proudly chuffed to his cousin that he was going to have a Thomas bag!!

Two hours later it was finished.  I didn't give this kid a chance to change his mind.

Guess what?

He LOVES it and proudly shows it off to any visitor that comes to our home.

I'm pretty chuffed too!

I just wish I could take better photos.

xx Susan

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