Sunday, April 15, 2012

My crafty update

I really felt like I didn't get much crafty stuff done over the school holidays but when I went back through everything, I realised that I got a lot more done than I thought.

I continued doing some more embroidery as I had something in mind for these small pieces.

I also finished another A-line dress for Little Miss R.  I used a different pattern this time and I like this one MUCH better.

I thought that the other one I had made was a bit too full and the neckline was too wide.  This one is just right and I've also got some great material to make a couple of winter dresses for her that she can wear over  a skivvy and tights.

I've also been making some lavender sachets.  That's one of the reasons why I wanted to do some embroidery as I've stitched that onto the front of some of them.  I have yet to get the lavender to fill then but as soon as I get that (hopefully this week), then I'll be able to finish them off.

Here's a couple with some embroidered pieces sewn on.

These ones I stitched a felt heart onto them and sewed a button in the middle.  Easy and cute.

I've also been making some wheat packs too.  I've made a few mini ones which are great for the freezer and sit nicely across the forehead if you have a headache or they're great for all those bumps kids are constantly getting.  Mine are anyway but then they do play pretty rough.

I've got some bigger ones ready to go as well but I've got to get some more wheat to fill them too. 

Lastly I've made a pair of pants for Little Miss R.  I had some plain green material which I though would go well with a couple of her patterned shirts and sewed a little lace bit around the bottom.  They look very cute and she's very proud of them of course.

Here I was thinking I hadn't been very productive and I've realised I've got quite a bit done.  Most of them have been small projects that I can do bits of every now and then although I have to say that the bulk of what I've been doing has been when hubby's been home.

Over the next couple of weeks I really want to crochet more of my cotton blanket.  Even though I'm happy sewing right now, I am missing my crochet.  I also want to make a few more pairs of shorts for Master M.  He's missing out a bit with all this sewing so I'd really better get a few boy things made for him.

Hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and a productive week.

xx Susan

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