Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't look too closely at sewing blogs

There are soooooooo many absolutely awesome sewing blogs out there that I'm finding now that I've started sewing more. 

If I looked too closely at them and delved into their archives more, I think I'd develop a case of sewing phobia and never want to post another picture of my sometimes truly atrocious sewing again.

Luckily for the blog you can't see people face to face so I'll keep posting (keeping some of my TRULY SPECTACULAR sewing disasters private of course), and continue to learn with the help and encouragement of all those amazingly talented and inspirational women out there in blog land. 

xx Susan

1 comment:

driftwood said...

all your sewing is lovely, and you are very productive! love the pie story too, children are funny aren't they !