Friday, March 23, 2012

Covering up

For about the last 5 years, the cushion on this chair hasn't had a cover.  I've been using an old sheet tucked in under it to keep it protected but have never got around to making the cover.  (Something to do with the scarey sewing machine I suppose).

Well I've bitten the bullet and decided that while I'm on a roll I may as well cover it.

It's not perfect but I'm happy with it.  I still need something to close it up with and I didn't want to use buttons this time.  I know what I want, I just have to get them so in the meantime I'm using safety pins.

It also slides down the chair a bit but that's the cushion not the cover doing that so I think I'll make a couple of ties for the back so I can keep it sitting up better.

I've also been making a lot of other things.  Some are working out brilliantly, some are pretty dismal I must say. 

I'm trying some easy things to get me into the swing of sewing and getting used to the techniques etc. 

Really EASY patterns and things are great because you can finish a project in a short time and feel proud of yourself because you've accomplished something.

The very basic gathered skirt for Little Miss R is an example.  It took me 40 minutes from measuring her to giving her the finished product to wear and during that time I had to referee a few fights as well as answer a million questions.

She looks very cute in it but my girl is NOT a  girly, girly sort of girl.  She has her moments but most of the time she'd rather be dressed in plain old shorts and t-shirt. 

Other supposedly EASY things to make are certainly NOT turning out but it's all a learning curve.

Will update you soon on some of my other projects. 

xx Susan

P.S.  Sorry for the pictures.  It's been raining and flooding around here for what seems like months so it's a bit hard to show the colours in the fabrics properly.

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