Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back to school

The school holidays are over and it's been back to school this last week.

Before the holidays finished we had some fun even while the renovations were still going on. There was some movie time with the kidlettes and Mum off to see the Minions movie (sorry Daddy but you had to work).

There was still a few more things needing to be completed in the kitchen (tiling, plumbing) so we couldn't really venture too far until everything was done.  Oh okay...I'll give you a sneak peak of the tiling while it was getting done.

The local shopping centre put on a few kid friendly things during the holidays too so we headed down there for a fun time on the jumping castle.

They also had a little train which drove around the car park.  I felt like I was in a goldfish bowl but the kids loved it.

 We also went to the movies a SECOND time during the holidays which nearly sent the kids into overdrive with excitement.  We're lucky if we go twice a year so to go twice in two weeks was pretty impressive.

This time Daddy came with us as we went to see Jurassic World.

The kids loved it of course.  Master M saying that it was so AWESOME AND WE HAVE TO GET THIS.  He also said he loved it when the dinosaur ate people and other dinosaurs.  Hmmm..a little bloodthirsty perhaps!

So the school holidays were pretty fun and best of all my kitchen is now finished so I'll show you some photos of that soon.

The first week back at school has been cold.  Well cold for here with single figure temperatures at night and the daytime temperatures not climbing out of the teens.  Winter has arrived and we've been rugging up and as a complete novelty, even using the heater in the mornings!

I was looking forward to getting back into a bit more of a normal routine and taking the opportunity while the kids were back at school to start moving things from the shed back into the kitchen and lounge and having a good declutter in the process.

Unfortunately Master M was a bit sick so ended up having Thursday and Friday off school so my plans have been delayed a bit.  Being sick is NOT fun, especially for a little boy who is rarely sick.

He was bored at home and wanted to be at school with his friends but the amount of vomit coming out of him meant that wasn't an option.  

As any parent knows, cleaning up vomit and changing and washing sheets in the middle of the night isn't fun either, especially when it's one of the coldest nights of the year.  It has to be done though and he's much better now.  All ready to go back to school tomorrow.

Hope you are all surviving this cold weather we're experiencing here.

xx Susan

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