Thursday, February 27, 2014

Afternoon play

School's out and instead of going straight home we decided to head to a little park in Landsborough for a play.

It wasn't quite a spur of the moment decision as my sister and I had decided earlier in the day to meet up there.  (She had our nephews for the afternoon).

There evidently used to be a better playground there but it was taken out and replaced with the above.  It suited our needs though.

There's a sports oval right next to it as well so we're thinking of bringing a soccer ball or cricket bat next time.

There was also a really big area that Nephew J declared perfect for riding bikes.  (The mounds of dirt near the edge of the treeline inspired this decision as he has visions of jumps and tricks.)

Afternoon tea alfresco.

Some more play time.

Then it was exploring time as a track was found in the bush behind the playground.  No self-respecting snake would come out with all the noise these four kids were making!

Then it was time for some cubby house making.  The two littlies doing dangerous things with sticks in an effort to make theirs.

The older two trying to build a mansion.

We seemed to fit a lot into a small amount of time because we were on our way home just after 4pm. The kidlettes weren't too delighted about that as they'd much rather be building cubby houses than doing homework!

To top it off my sister Sandra had just picked up some of her latest artwork from the framers.  These are 3 of her intuitive paintings and they've turned out AMAZING!

xx Susan

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