Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm sure I'm not alone

I kept Little Miss R home from school today when she wasn't really sick.
It was purely for selfish reasons on my part.
The tennis was on you see.  It was the US Open Women's final which began at 6.30am our time and the third set was just beginning when I would've had to take my girl to school.
Bad Mummy I know but it truly wasn't the only reason.
We'd had a very trying afternoon and evening after Daddy had headed back to work.
Little Miss R was slightly feverish during the night and had been complaining of a sore tummy again.  She woke up feeling good but I decided that she could spend the day at home to make sure she was truly right.
I'm also feeling pretty exhausted today so the whole thought of making lunches, making sure bags are packed, trying to get kids to eat breakfast, clean teeth, get dressed (which takes most of the morning), then getting them into the car amid the fights, crying, whinging, fights, getting sidetracked, crying, fights, Mummy losing the plot, more fights, more crying and whinging.......was a bit much for me to cope with.
So we're all at home.  EVERYONE is happy, the day is going well and I'm NOT feeling the slightest bit guilty about keeping my girl home.
xx Susan

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