Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another day out

Last Sunday was Father's Day here but Daddy was away at work so the kidlettes and I had a wonderful day without him.
As he's heading back to work about lunch time this Sunday we decided to have our own family Father's Day today (Saturday).
The kidlettes wanted to go back to Stoney Creek because Daddy's never been there and also just because they loved it so much.
It was another gorgeous day, although a little windy and cooler than last week.  The creek was just as beautiful though.
There was lots of exploring over and around the rocks......

....also plenty of throwing rocks into the creek.  They decided that they didn't fill it up with rocks last week so they wanted another go!

Little Miss  R and Daddy decided to explore the other bank of the creek.

She was in such good hands with her Daddy looking after her.

My boy and I were happy to leave the exploring to them this time.

On the way home we called into my sister's place as she had mentioned that her mulberry tree was starting to fruit.

One of us certainly had a feast!
(I won't mention the colour of her shirt or hands either!)

It was just another lovely, beautiful family day and I'm really looking forward to heading off and exploring with my family on more picnics. 
I have so many amazing memories of going on picnics with my family when I was a kid and I want my kids to have similar wonderful memories.
It's also a great way to get them out and learning about our local area too!
Hope you're having a great weekend.
xx Susan

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