Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Lovely hubby's cousin had a tree fall on her fence and into her yard from a neighbours place. 

It required lots of chopping and lifting to get it all cleaned up but hubby was ready for the challenge.

Once we had a ute full of wood, it needed to be brought home to be chopped into smaller pieces then taken to my brother's who seems to have a bonfire at least every weekend when there's no fire bans.

It's lots of heavy lifting....

...and there's plenty of it for our little hands....

...but we WILL get the back of the ute full.

It's now all cut up and delivered but I think it'll be a few weekends before hubby's home again so we may not get the chance to enjoy a bonfire at my brother's before it's all gone.

Oh well...I'm sure there'll be other times.

xx Susan

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