Friday, April 27, 2012

Some people just don't get it

Lovely hubby was wandering past the other night while I happened to have my blog post list up.  Something caught his attention so he asked "what on earth is Green Pie?"  (That's the polite version).

He wanted to know, so I showed him the blog post.

After being a good and dutiful husband, he read the whole post then walked off with a funny grin on his face shaking his head.

I'll add now that lovely hubby doesn't actually read my blog.  I'm not at all put out by the fact that he doesn't because I know that the whole blogging world is something that he's not interested in. 

His reaction showed that he truly doesn't 'get it' though.  I still love him very much and it's definately one more special thing that I can have to myself. 

After all, I really don't get his love affair with WOW. (World of Warcraft computer game.  Bores me to tears and can't think of anything worse actually.)

If he took up crochet though and started to get interested in blogging then I think I'd be REALLY worried......oh dear, I really don't think I want to go there!

I wasn't going to add this but it does nearly defy belief and I'm sure you all have some good stories about stupid things your husband's have done.

Just before he headed back to work the other day, he decided to make a fire to clean out all the tree branches that he had cut down.

I heard lots of excited noise from the kidlettes and walked outside to this.....

The dry branches really started to take off and soon the flames were higher than our shed.  This shed has a quad bike just on the other side of that wall as well as our camper trailer, cans of fuel and I'm sure many other flammable things.

Out came the hose and he started to hose the shed down while the fire continued to burn.

Once he realised that I was standing there, he gave me a sheepish grin and said..  "we wouldn't want to burn the shed down would we?"

A thousand things went through my mind about how to reply (lots of versions of   'WHAT THE F*?! DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING")   but in the end I just calmly said..

"no honey, we REALLY wouldn't want that."

Hope you have a great weekend.

xx Susan

(The shed is still is my husband).

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Sandy said...

Oh my God that is so funny! Can you remember Dad setting fire to the garden along the bedroom side of the house when we were kids? He left all the windows open and put burn marks in the curtains. Told us everything was ok as he had a bucket of water!