Monday, April 2, 2012

School's out

It's that time again. School holidays for two weeks so we need to find things to do to keep the kidlettes happy and entertained.

Little Miss R has been asking for a train and bus ride lately since we never go on them, so I decided that these holidays that was something we could do.

We waited, not so patiently at the train station.  It was all so very exciting and we had to keep running up and down the stairs of the overpass to see when Aunty Sandy was going to arrive.  She was coming with us so we were all pretty excited about that and thank goodness the train was running late otherwise she may not have made it!  (Damn roadworks!)

Eventually the train got there so on we got, found seats and enjoyed the half hour train trip to Nambour.

We haven't been to Nambour in years, mainly because we usually drive to the coastal towns or go the opposite way towards Brisbane. 

Nambour certainly isn't as neglected as I thought.  The town was busy and bustling and everything was in such an easy walking distance from the train station, even with the kidlettes.

Sandy and I have decided to come back another day when lovely hubby's home and can look after the kidlettes.  I'm sure the two of us will have a fantastic time exploring. (There's supposed to be an underground book exchange with over 200,000 books....the heart beats faster!)

I was really surprised at the number of cafe's in such a small area.  Some of them looked great and there were a few advertising a full gluten-free menu too.  With that many cafe's about, we go to McDonald's of course.

At least they had a playground so the kidlettes could work off a bit more energy before heading home.

Instead of catching the train, we decided to catch the bus home.  Luckily it was the express bus so it didn't go into every train station on the way home which made it a much shorter journey.

Little Miss R loved being able to sit up high and look out the window.

It was all a bit much for Master M who decided that sleeping on the bus was a much better option.

So one fun day of the holidays down.  What on earth am I going to do with the kidlettes for the rest of them?

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MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Susan looks like you all had an exciting but tiring day. Your trains and buses have much cleaner windows than ours seem to have, lol. I have a post prepared about a train journey too but the windows on the train were really grotty.
I just had to pop by to say how touched I was that you want to offer the bunny to Anna if you win. I think that is really kind of you and be sure if you do win, you'll both receive a little something. Keep those fingers crossed, good luck.
Enjoy every moment of the school hols, the time passes so quickly!