Tuesday, April 17, 2012

School's back

Do I be a happy bloggy Mum and say that the school holiday's are finished and I'm so sad that it's back to school and no more fun or do I be completely realistic?

Ok....I'll be realistic.  I've enjoyed the holidays to an extent.  I've probably been happier these holidays than I have with any in the past year but it's still been a challenge.  My kids are ok on their own but they really do feed their restless, pent up, full-on energy for when they're together.  So much so that the second week of the holidays when I was on my own 24 hours was a full on challenge.  I didn't cope well.

Thankfully for me they both had a sleepover on Friday night at Aunty Sandy and Uncle Jeff's and had a fantastic time until Master M did a typical little boy superman thing and hurt himself.  All's good though and they arrived in time for Daddy to get home so that was fantastic.

I ended up having a blissful night to myself but couldn't for the life of me work out what I wanted to do.  Sleep is probably the most longed for option but I sort of feel like I rip myself off if I do that when I'm on my own. 

I instead poured a few wines and watched some movies which is something that I truly NEVER do these days.  After debating what I was in the mood for I went for some old favourites.....


Zulu started the evening off.  I love old movies and this one just happens to one of my favourites and one that I know my Dad loves. 

Then once I was really settled I ended up skipping the usual soppy love story movies which I thought I'd watch for something I really enjoyed....

I watched the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremecy and loved every bit of them as I did the first time I watched them.  There's not many movies where I like the movie better than the book but this series is definately one of them.  In fact, I loved the movies so much that I didn't even read anything after the Bourne Identity book.  Good books but the movies are so much better.

Anyway.......hubby's home for the last weekend of the school holidays so we have nice family time.  Then it's back to school.  Woohoo!!! Selfish ME time for Mummy on the Monday.  Master M is with Daddy, Little Miss R's at school and Mummy can do whatever on earth pleases her.

I headed to the shops.  Not that I bought that much, I just enjoyed browsing, wandering, having coffee, writing in my journal, lunching and just having some special time for me.  It was so lovely.

These are going in our camping stuff.  $6.95 reduced to $2. Bargain.....I was so excited!

I did get some winter pj's and clothes for the kidlettes as they are growing a great deal quicker than I can learn to sew comfortably. 

Once I got sick of being around so many people, the noise and the traffic, I decided that all I really wanted to do was be at home.  So that's where I went with strict instructions to hubby to keep everyone clear because it was still a 'ME' day and I made a few pattern weights. 

I had a couple of nuts which I wanted to wrap ribbon around to make pattern weights as I had seen here, but then I decided that it would take me quite a bit of time to make them pretty and that sewing up a few, stuffed with rice, was a much quicker and easier option.

I've got some nice pattern weights now so I don't have to pin the pattern to the fabric every time I want to cut something out now which will save a bit of time.

So I had a fantastic first day back at school where I didn't have to worry about taking her to school or picking her up.  I had no agenda except for what I made myself which is so refreshing, liberating, uplifting but also really worrying because I'm not used to it so I kept thinking of all the things I needed to do at home.  We really can't stop ourselves from being Mum's can we?

Hubby goes back to work tomorrow so it's just the kidlettes and myself again for awhile.  Lets hope the 'ME' time that I have had has helped me to recharge, relax and enjoy the rest of the time.  Wish me luck!

xx Susan

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