Monday, April 23, 2012

Loving the beach

I am not a really beachy person.  I don't really like swimming in the ocean these days but I do love to walk along the beach or just sit and watch the waves crash in over and over.  It really is therapeutic.

Friday afternoon after dropping Master M off at my parents' for a sleepover, then picking Little Miss R up from school, I decided we had to head to the beach. 

I just needed the soothing waters and views and I thought my girl and I could have special time together and have dinner in Caloundra as well.

It was the most gorgeous afternoon.  We wandered along the edge of the water and searched the rocks for treasures.  I ended up sitting on a rock just soaking it all in while my girl continued to explore.

Then it was time for a play and lots of energy burning fun.

Once we started to get hungry we headed back along the path to the beachside cafe's to find something for dinner.  I was intending to get fish and chips and sit looking over the water but Little Miss R desperately wanted to be grown up and go to a restaurant on her special night with mummy.

So it was off to one of the cafe's where we still got to sit looking over the water, we just had to watch the cars go by as well.

It was so lovely and after the week we've had, my girl was so well behaved with perfect manners and was a delight to be with. 

Once home we snuggled up together to watch a movie to top off our girly night. 

It was lovely.

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bones said...

sounds like a perfect Mummy Daughter date.