Saturday, April 7, 2012

Indoor cubbies and camping out

First you need sheets or tablecoths that cover the whole table and way down to the floor on nearly all sides.

Put two dining chairs a small width apart and place a cushion from the lounge on top of the chairs. (or even just a pillow....the kidlettes had already pulled the lounge apart so that's what we used.)

This becomes the 'entrance to the cave'. 

...and so quite a long time of kidlette happiness at playing cubby houses under the dining table happens.  This makes Mummy happy too.

Packing it all up so we could eat dinner at the table was not such a happy moment.

I also decided that while the kids could have a camp out in the lounge room over the school holidays as we aren't going away in our beloved camper trailer.

They each got to have their own cubby which we made out of sheets and blankets draped over furniture.  I'm sure everyone has made these before, I know that my brother, sister and I used to make them when we were kids and had so much fun.

Mattresses were then placed into their cubby with all their toys that just had to join them.

The cubby's ended up being opposite each other and each of them could lay in their beds and watch the tv.  This was an important requirement as we were having a special picnic in the lounge room for dinner and a movie night to make it all that much more fun.

It was such a fun night and even though they stayed up later than usual, they still were asleep fairly early.  (I think the excitement wore them out!)

They also both slept REALLY well and didn't wake up until 7am the next day which is absolutely amazing!

I think we'll have to have lounge camp outs at least once every school holidays.
xx Susan

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