Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Saturday

The Easter weekend has been pretty good for us.

Good Friday was a bit of an up and down day for the kids and myself.  It was the end of the first week of the school holidays where I had them 24 hours a day for myself.  Lets just say there were a LOT of boundaries pushed by Friday and I was elated to see Lovely Hubby return home about 5pm that afternoon.

Saturday morning seemed all about getting odd jobs done and getting stuff done but late Saturday afternoon it was all about FUN!

We headed over to my sister Sandra and her husband Jeff's place Saturday afternoon for a bonfire and barbeque night.

Master M and Little Miss R had a lovely time helping find plenty of sticks and branches to add to the bonfire pile in the backyard.

Thank goodness we weren't around when the snakes were shedding these skins.....

We were also extremely fortunate that it was the end of a gorgeous day and such a lovely early evening.

The scrap pile was ready to go.....

....and once lit took pretty quickly (mainly because of the dry palm fronds).

It quickly got bigger......

....and bigger.......

....and bigger still.

Then once it died down it was time to toast some marshmallows. 

The rest of the evening was wonderful.  Good company, good food and a relaxed and happy time with people we love dearly.

xx Susan

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