Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another go at the Grocery Challenge

I decided recently that my grocery shopping was really getting out of hand.

I think it may have been the fact that things kept falling off the shelves every time I opened the pantry door.  They just didn't have the room to all fit in.

Last year I challenged myself (as inspired from Sue) to spend only $80 a week to feed a family of four for nearly 3 months.  With a little organisation I found that I did it with ease.

If you want to read more about it then head to my side bar and click on my other blog Sunshine Smiles which I've had for the last few years.  In the label section on the side bar you'll find GROCERY CHALLENGE where you can read my posts about it last year.

So why did I allow myself to let my grocery bill get out of hand again?  I really can't tell you exactly but I think that laziness or just the ease of not having to sit down and work things out probably won out.

You know what......that's just completely crap.

It took a small amount of time to work out my menu plan and grocery list once I had it all organised.  I only ever did it when hubby was home and he was given strict instructions that I wasn't to be disturbed by him or the kidlettes in the half an hour or so a week that I would sit down to work it out.

I did really well.

So now with everything getting out of hand, it's time to do it again.

Last week was my first week and even though I've given myself $80 if I need it, I'm trying to do it in under $60.  The first week probably is the easiest because you're using up things out of your pantry and freezer for most of the meals.

Imagine my surprise when I spent only $51.27 for the week.  This includes bread and milk too and we also have to buy special milk for Master M who is lactose intolerant.  (Perhaps I should just buy a cow though as he had NO problem with fresh cows milk from the farm.)

So I'm starting the grocery challenge again and this time I'm not giving it a time limit.  $80 a week is all I'm allowing myself because I KNOW  I can do it easily.

Wish me well everyone.

xx Susan

(Oh and remember, I don't have anything growing in my garden because I'm really not that much of a gardener.  In fact the only thing I had growing was parsley and Little Miss R ate all that because she loves to snack on parsley all day long.)

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