Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kidlette stitching

I've finished a few things for the kidlettes over the last couple of weeks.  I've made a couple of pretty easy things although some of them could have been made a LOT better.

As I seemed to be making heaps of things for Little Miss R lately, Master M wanted something for himself.  He wanted a pair of shorts and since I only had the Thomas material suitable for little boys, we went shopping. 

He picked out some Robot material.  There was plenty of other boy stuff there but this is what he insisted upon.  He carried the roll up to the counter to be cut then carried his folded up fabric to the car and all the way home so he could cuddle it.

I think I need to get a different pattern for boys shorts as I really wasn't very happy with this particular one.  It's not brilliantly made either but he LOVES them.  I'm thinking they look a lot more like pyjama pants so who knows what time of day they'll end up being worn.

I also made another cute little A-line dress for Little Miss R.  I decided to make really easy things to help me master the basics.

This dress has a little ruffle around the bottom which meant I had to learn how to gather.  I can't believe I'd avoided making things that have gathering in them because it's sooooooo easy. 

And then there's another quick and easy gathered skirt for her in some cute material.  She wants to wear this for non-uniform day at school tomorrow so I made it for her this morning.

I just love this bright and happy lady bug fabric.  I bought it YEARS ago and it's just been sitting with my other fabric in a box but now it's finally seeing the light of day and getting used.  I've still got plenty left over for a cute little dress for her as well, I just need to find a pattern that will be perfect for it.

I've got lots more projects in the pipeline too.  Some are finished, some are half made and a LOT projects are zooming around in my brain just waiting for me to make them. 

I just need to find the time and plenty more fabric of course!

xx Susan

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