Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bob vs Thomas

You may remember from a previous post that after seeing the bag I made for Little Miss R, Master M decided he wanted one but it had to be Bob the Builder and blue.

While at Spotlight the other day I searched for some Bob fabric but to no avail.  There was nothing even remotely like Bob the Builder but  I did find Thomas the Tank Engine. 

My boy LOVES Thomas and loves playing with his trains.  He's got a couple of train sets, including a Thomas one and a HUGE wooden one which we can keep adding to.

I thought this would be perfect and would be a great compromise to Bob.

When he saw the fabric it was certainly love at first sight for him.  He squealed, stroked it, cuddled it and didn't want to let it go.

This is a hit I thought.  That's when I mentioned that I could make his bag out of that and he could have a nice Thomas bag to keep his treasures in.

He just looked at me and said:

'No mummy,  I want Bob the Builder in blue!'

I've now gone through the colouring books and it looks like I'm about to learn how to applique!

xx Susan


Sandy said...

Happy to help with the applique if you need any pointers. May have some things in my stash that will come in handy for you. The quilting shop in town stocks what you need too. Yet another blog post I never expected to read on my sister's blog!!! Who are you??? Sandy xxxxx

bones said...

Go Susie. Love that you're getting into sewing. There's bob the builder fabric and transfers on ebay too if you decide not to applique. You'll have to do a pic with your new sewing machine in it. I'm still using my trusty little Janome Mum and Dad got for my 21st. I'd be lost without my sewing machine. Enjoy ♥K :)