Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The slow turning of the days

Is anyone else forgetting what day it is and finding the days seem to be trundling along at a slower pace than usual?  It isn't a bad thing as I'm loving the slow rhythm of our lives right now.

I also know how very blessed and fortunate we are as hubby is still able to work and we're not suffering the stresses that so many others are currently feeling.  We're learning not to take our life for granted.

Ours days are gently meandering along following a very loose routine.  The week hubby is home, Patch and I get to go for our usual morning, hour long walk where he can run off lead, sniff and piddle on nearly every blade of grass and find very smelly, muddy drains and creeks to play in.

The track is so overgrown and in some places the grass is taller than me but we love this spot and are hoping the grass may die down a little with winter on the way.  I hope so because I won't be looking forward to snake season around August if it's still overgrown like this.

School still trundles along at our own pace.  It's a bit hit and miss each day but I'm not letting it bother me as the kids are still learning and we're embracing the extra family time.

Many evenings, weather permitting, when hubby is home, we are enjoying a backyard fire.

I can sit there for hours watching the flames and it's nice to be outside, glass of wine (or cup of tea) in hand enjoying our time together.  

Everyone seems to come and go, doing their own things, then enjoying the fire for awhile before going back to doing their own things again.  I'm loving some of the conversations I've been having with the kids too and learning a few more things about what makes them tick.

Patch is usually my constant companion when I'm out there and refuses to go inside until I do.  He's good company as he doesn't chatter or say much at all :)

There have been times when we've had dinner by the fire and we're even contemplating getting the camp oven out to cook something one night and make it feel a bit like we're camping.  Toasted marshmallows have been torched and devoured for dessert on the odd occasion.

Hubby heads back to work tomorrow for another week so there's usually no fires when he's gone.  I'm pretty hopeless at keeping them going so we usually only enjoy them the weeks he's home.

That means it will be more snuggle time with the kids of an evening.  They like to do their own thing most nights but if they can agree on a movie we'll all watch that together although that's pretty rare.  

What we've found to work better is to have a one on one movie night with Mum about once a week.  

Whoever's turn it is gets to choose the movie and we snuggle up in my bed watching it then the next night it's the other child's turn to choose the movie and have snuggle time.  It's saving arguments and it also gives the kids a chance to have that one on one time with me that's been a bit difficult to find these days.

Patch and I are also slowly working out a routine for our walks when hubby's not home either.  We don't go for our big walk but he does get shorter walks each day.  Once school goes back we can adjust our routine again but for now he's still happy he's getting out and about.

I hope you all are safe and well and enjoying your week.

xx Susan


Angela Pitout said...

i love bonfires but cant keep a flame going safely without Rob too.
i also have to find one on one time daily for each of the children individually and i like the idea of a movie just for them. keep well xx

Christina said...

I love a fire in the garden, we have a pit but no wood... might climb over the fence to take some of our neighbour, he collects wood all year for Guy Fawke's night in November. We have a good routine going but I have to admit, it wouldn't be like that if it wasn't for my 16 year old doing schoolwork with the youngest two. My work is incredibly busy just now and I wake up at night feeling anxious that I am not keeping on track. Patch is a handsome dog, I don't think I have seen a photo of him before? Glad the children are doing ok and that you have a good routine going at home. Take care x

Meg said...

A backyard fire sounds just right for the cooler nights, Susan. I love toasted marshmallows! We really must get our tent out and put it up in the backyard and have a camp out. Glad things going well and routines keeping everything settled. MegXx

Jules said...

It's so nice to see the photographs of your fire. I haven't owned a fire pit for a while now but I'm treating myself to one this year and much like yourselves I'm looking forward to toasting some marshmallows. X

Teresa Kasner said...

It sounds like you are all adjusting to the new normal very well. What breed is Patch? We have an outdoor fireplace and will use it more when it warms up here. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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Billie Jo said...

Hi Susan. Just checking in on you. Hope all is well!