Monday, 8 May 2017


The last few weeks have certainly seemed to have flown by.  My life really is a cycle and it revolves around when lovely hubby is home and when he's at work.  
Things that need a little extra time to do, I always try to plan when he is at home so I have a little extra help with the kidlettes.
Things like making pasta.

People make their own pasta all the time and I can see why.  It's incredible.  It's also quite easy if a little time consuming which is why we really do love shop bought pasta that you can just bung into a pot.  The homemade stuff is worth it though and when I'm a little more comfortable with making it, I may even do it when it's just the kidlettes and myself.
The kidlettes themselves..... One moment causing me absolute joy and the next I'm on the brink of a mental asylum.  The below photo is an in-between moment....

5 minutes before I was ready for the asylum.  Then they kept at me until I came and saw what they were up to (the photo is the happy co-operative proof).  5 minutes later I was ready for the asylum again. 
Mum.  I apologise for when I put you through this when I was a child.  Sometimes I wish time machines were invented for just these moments.
There was also an outing to the Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Show at Gatton.
I didn't know it was on so I thank my Mum for the suggestion.  We left Master M with my Dad, my brother and Master M's cousins for the day (all boys),  and the girls headed off to look at the horses.
I'm not that big on horses but Little Miss R loves them and Mum thought it would be a nice day out.

It really, really was.  Three generations with my Mum, me and my daughter.
It's not quite a 2 hour drive to Gatton (maybe two if you add toilet stops), and the drive over and back were part of the fun of our day out.  In other words, we got to check out a few things that husbands and fathers drive straight past because the are on the A-B track and looking at things in between is not an option.  We happily meandered a bit.
Our girl got to pat plenty of horses.  There was a beautifully made wagon (see above photo) and plenty of demonstrations from the heavy horses and the jobs they used to do before the good old petrol engine was thought of.
There was also a farrier competition and a petting zoo which Little Miss R just HAD to experience.

Our girl also got to have a ride on a wagon drawn by 6 horses.  She LOVED this.

Just once around the arena but she thought it was fantastic.  I was only thankful for most of the day that Master M wasn't with us as he would have been so totally bored out of his brain.
We girls loved it though.

We even loved the fairies on their mounts.

Onto other things.  I've tried to make cheese.

It was a total disaster but I know where I went wrong so will update you when I get it right.  I didn't even take a photo of the disaster, it's too embarrassing.
The scones were perfect though.

It was raining and the coldest day of the year so far (not even 20 degrees celcius!) 
On the drive home from school the kids asked if we could have scones for afternoon tea.
I told them years ago that my Mum used to cook either pikelets or scones on cold, rainy days when we got home from school.  I know she didn't do it all the time but it really stuck in my mind on the days when she did do it.
It looks like my kids are loving this tradition too and I have to say when it's cold and raining outside, there's nothing better than a hot scone (or pikelet) smothered in butter and dripping in syrup, honey or jam. 
They're cheap to make too and now I have extras for school lunches tomorrow.
xx Susan

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