Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Master M's blanket is finally finished!

I started this blanket back in November I think.
I was determined to work a little bit each day on it but sometimes plans and good intentions don't always work out do they?
I will admit that I did do pretty well with doing just a bit on most days, except for the 6 weeks when we had no air conditioner.  I think I can be excused for not wanting to be anywhere near a blanket during that time.
The other delay came not far from the end when I ran out of some of the colours of yarn so I had to order some more.  That took 3 weeks and 3 days to arrive so there was another bit of a delay of almost a month.
It's now done though and I'm so very happy with it.  Master M had it in use almost the second after I tied in the last end (lucky I tied the ends in as I went along so I only had the final ones to do).
I just love the ripply goodness of this blanket and my boy does too which is what counts.

These coastal colours are just perfect for a boy I think.

Now I need to decide what to do next. 
 I've got a number of smaller projects ready to go and I need to remind myself to work on them ONE AT A TIME. 
I'm really thinking about a blanket for hubby's and my bed which would be good to do over the winter months.  I'll let that stir around in the grey matter for a bit before I decide though as I'll need plenty of yarn for that.  I'll then have to decide what pattern to use and whether I use an already made up colour pack or if I work out my own colour scheme.  I'm sure it will all come together soon though and then I'll let you know what I decide.
xx Susan

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