Saturday, November 12, 2016


That is my plan for the weekend.  Slowing things down and spending some quiet time with the kidlettes.
Hubby is away at work and there is rain and some storms predicted so I think our outings and jaunts will be kept to a minimum, even non-existent. 
The kidlettes are happy with xbox, lego, reading and puzzles so I'm hoping to get through quite a bit of the time unscathed.  I know there will be arguments and fights that will need refereeing but I'm being optimistic and hoping I can keep these to a minimum.
I seem to have been quite busy lately with lots of extra little things taking up my time.  I've certainly had to try to keep things organised in my diary so I don't double up or stress too much about things and so far I've been doing well.
I've even managed to make my first batch of chutney.
This is not your usual chutney as it's made out of dried fruit so I thought it would be perfect for Christmas time as it's sort of a fruit mince texture and flavour.  I'm finding it to be REALLY sweet although I suppose I should have expected that so I'll let the flavours develop a bit then work out what I want to do with it all.
This weekend I mainly have plans to do lots of this.....

I've been doing bits and pieces of Master M's blanket when I can although there have been some days when I haven't even picked up a hook. 
I'm really intending to spend as much time as possible on the soothing ripply rows and enjoy the process as I work.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
xx Susan

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