Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kidlette fun at Double Island Point

We're home from a wonderful 5 nights away camping up the beach at Double Island Point again.
It was amazing.  No electricity. No phone service.  Just great family times.
The kidlettes certainly weren't bored.  They were able to explore the area behind the camp.

You can do it Mum and Dad.  We run up it about 10 times a day so you can do it!
(..and yes it really is steep)

The view is pretty spectacular though.

There was lots and lots and lots of fun swimming and on the boogie boards...

...catching some waves...

...having fun with Dad...

...and getting a few blisters for the trouble... toast on the fire...

...and marshmallows of course...

...playing soccer with Dad....
...and throwing the frisbee around... certainly beats being at home watching tv.

 We also dug up quite a few pippi's which kept the kids occupied after I showed them how to find them.
There were a few quiet moments too.

All in all it was a fantastic 5 days away and I really, really, really didn't want to come home.
xx Susan

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