Sunday, May 4, 2014

A cool change

If you know me or have been reading this blog for any length of time you would know I don't really like the heat.  Considering how long summer has lingered on in these parts I really don't think I can be blamed for dreaming of cooler climates even though hubby just rolls his eyes when I mention it (probably because I bring it up A LOT).

Well the cool weather is finally here!   Yay.

Last night it got down into single figures (celcius) and I was warm and snug in my pj's and under the doona.  Thank goodness it was Sunday so we all slept in and didn't get out until we really had to.

It's a gorgeously clear day but quite blustery which is helping to keep it cool.

A few days ago it was still quite summerish, so you can forgive some for dressing up like they're now living in the arctic.

I've been quite busy lately in my sewing room and it's really been lovely to be able to finish some projects.

Another ruffle bag has been made like the one I gave my sister for her birthday.  She says that people ask her about her bag all the time so I've made this one and have another in blues, pinks and purples cut out.

They're cute and the possibilities are endless as to the colour combinations that can be used.

I've lined this one with a pretty red gingham.

I've also started on my first quilting project.  It's made up of leftover fabric from other projects and cut up jeans and 3/4 pants.  I had so many pairs that are worn out in one area but are otherwise in great condition.

I decided to cut them up to make a sturdy picnic blanket and I'll be using the pockets to make smaller hand bags like one I made a couple of years ago and get comments on.

I've also made a couple of scarves.  One in a beautiful blue/green wool and the one below in a lovely soft alpaca.

The stitch for this one is really easy to do and it was so lovely to work on.

Now that the weather has turned it's the perfect time to be able to wear some of these lovely scarves I've been making.

It's also time to start using some of the blankets I've been making over the years.  They stack up brightly on our blanket shelf with the one that my aunt gave me when I was little.  They all sit together quite cheerily I think.

xx Susan

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bones said...

I'm right there with you on the excitement scale... I wore my uggies today!!! Love this weather. Great work with the sewing. I love the picnic quilt idea, it'll be nice and sturdy with the denim.