Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anzac Day 2014

Every year there is an Anzac Day march in our town.

Each year it grows bigger and bigger and that's not only because the weather has been pretty amazing on 25th of April for the past few years.

It also comes down to the younger generation and their enthusiasm and interest for participating in ceremonies that mean so much to our nation.

Little Miss R has been very much at the forefront of re-newing our family pride on this special day.

Growing up for me, I knew Anzac Day was important but it was more significant that I got a day off school.

It's always been a special day but it's taken my daughter to truly bring about a family spirit and special occasion that had been a little lacking.

For the past three years she has INSISTED on being a part of the march in our town.  (She is still only 
8 1/2 years old)

The vintage cars that transport the less mobile of our veterans passes through first.

They are always greeted with well wishes and cheers.

Then come the service men and women who have served.  

For all those who march there are probably at least one or two at home who aren't here for various reasons. 

 My Uncle is one who has never been a part of a march and has no future interest in participating. 

 He also has no objection to my children proudly wearing his or their great-grandfather's medals.

He is proud of Little Miss R marching each year even though he can't bring himself to march himself.

During the ceremony each year there is always a flyover from a WWII plane.  It's usually a Wirraway and this year was no exception.  

There's a brief pause in the wreath laying so that everyone can cast their eyes skyward and the kids can wave and cheer at the 'old plane' that flies close overhead.

Can you see it?

I'll zoom in a bit...

It made four passes during the ceremony but considering the sun blinded me on most of the passes, this is the best shot you're getting.

Once the ceremony is over it's then time to go home and enjoy having the extra time off school to just be a kid.

As well as the excitement of knowing that Daddy will be home from work late afternoon and will be home for a very rare WHOLE weekend.

 xx Susan

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driftwood said...

it looks like a lovely celebratory day x